I'm honored you're here.

I’m a firm believer that Big Days and Regular Days all deserve the same kind of energy, enthusiasm and appreciation. I don’t love playing by the rules, and, to be honest, have never been particularly good at it. But I do believe in authenticity, in human connection, and in striving for moments filled with feeling, not perfection. I don’t care to be just a box checked in your wedding planning, and I won’t be playing doll through stiff, cliche and unnatural posing for your portraits – I want genuine. You look great. Life is short. It’s all good. Let’s act accordingly, right?

Being present is so important. But tangible forms of those feelings – the rush of emotion when you put on the ring, the deep sigh of comfort when your partner pulls you in – are hard to come by. That is what I want to you to focus on on your wedding day; I’ll help you create the kind of experience in which you are free to live in those moments, free to soak up the experience. My job beyond that? Photography is one of the very few parts of your day that can bring you right back to those feelings. This is why photography is so important: it lives on, even when the day is over. I want these photos to ground you, to answer the questions when things get hard and confusing, to be something to look back on at any point in your life while you say,

“Oh, yeah. That’s why.”

Skye + Stephen

"I can’t say enough about Kelsey. She went above and beyond our whole wedding and captured more than we expected. She managed to get shots of our grandmother that we lost days after our wedding that we will cherish forever. From the moment she walked in the door at my house I felt like I knew her for many years. She has such a warm loving vibe and made everyone feel comfortable while she was capturing their picture. My kids adored her and loved getting their pictures done by her. Thank you so much Kelsey from both the bride and groom you did an amazing job! I will be recommending you to everyone I know!"


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